Monday, April 26, 2010

Today is Monday, April 26th in the year 2010

Several years ago, when my marriage was experiencing a particularly 'shaky' period, I decided (not an original decision certainly) that perhaps spending some time with a therapist--a stranger if you will--might be beneficial. I was especially elated at the brainstorm that I should not go to just a NORMAL sort of therapist but an ART therapist. After all, I considered myself definitely on the artsy side of the line. Perhaps through the avenue of creativity I would be rewarded with a new perspective...or even just a bit of sanity. This poem is based on my 'experience'....whether the sessions were helpful is, well, another poem to write.


“…we are all – humans, birds, insects, mammals –
passing through multiple reincarnations…”
Mary Catherine Bateson

The pinecone in the center is me
I tied rope around it for protection
to shield the true-me
from other people
(I am never sure who these other people are)

I am sitting with Susan the art therapist
explaining my creation
from pillow stuffing
drops of Elmer’s glue
silver glitter
a single white feather laced with gray
thread-like copper twine
a small pinecone
a bit of rope

and do you know who that
real-me is
she asks
last session you were
not sure

I am
the copper twine
as it aches
around the feather
awkward and isolated
without other feathers
leans against
pillow stuffing
hides all sighs fills the dark sweet seductive
corners of rooms that beckon me until
the glitter
shakes me awake trapped in my hair
stuck to an ear lobe rains on
the pinecone
sturdy solid steadfast (Susan’s terms)
and reinforced with
the bit of rope
just in case

and that is who I will be
what I will believe

until next session.

--Catherine Fraga

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